”I personally check Intellizence nearly every day and am amazed by how often I find things that are relevant for our business such as customer M&A or new executive announcements that can lead to risks, new opportunities or even just an occasion to deepen our relationship.”- Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight
”Intellizence make conversion of information to intelligence easy, freeing up time for better analysis and bespoke insights. The ability to create signals is a huge differentiator.”- Zena Applebaum, Sement Director, Thomson Reuters Canada & Fellow of Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows
”The team at Intellizence has been outstanding to work with. They are extremely responsive, continually seeking feedback and input and making enhancements to their solution. The solution is exceptionally valuable to our organization we are excited to expand the opportunities to leverage tool further throughout our companies.”- FairVentures ( Fairfax Financial)
”Intellizence helps me to stay updated about my clients on a daily basis. Intellizence delivers focused signals that are relevant for my business development activities and effective client engagement.”- Kristine M. Di Bacco, Partner, Fenwick & West LLP
“Through Intellizence's AI systems, we were able to gather additional data about ventilators, personal protective equipment and other COVID-19 critical supply chains. With their help, Communitech has been able to more easily and effectively monitor real-time economic insights for the tech community, while also finding ways for entrepreneurs to support local health care needs.”- Mauro Rossi, PhD PEng Director, Advanced Technology Platforms Communitech


Intellizence makes your life easy by spotting the right sales signal related to your business and allows you to convert every sales call into an opportunity.


Intellizence enables you to acquire knowledge about your customers, clients and prospects. It is critical to stay informed about them on a regular basis to build trust and win their business.


Intellizence helps you to monitor potential risks and rumours, as soon as they emerge, and lets you plan your risk mitigation strategy.


Intellizence helps you monitor emerging trends in your market space. Intellizence enables you to differentiate your products or services by diversifying your offerings and staying ahead of the competition.