Nov 19
Jun 04
What is Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence – Importance & Benefits in 2021

What is Customer Intelligence? Customer Intelligence also called client intelligence or account intelligence is the process of monitoring sales and risk signals in customer accounts or clients to: Discover new business or revenue opportunities Identify risks to prevent churn or losing customers Build an effective and deeper customer relationship Who... read more →
Mar 30
Market Intelligence

What is Market Intelligence?

Market Intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing information about the company’s business ecosystem to gain deeper insights for tactical and strategic decision making. The ecosystem includes customers, competitors, prospects, partners, suppliers, regulators, and industries.  Why is Market Intelligence Important for Businesses or Companies?  The business environment is evolving... read more →
May 21

Will COVID-19 Accelerate the Adoption of Autonomous Vehicles?

  Autonomous vehicles are playing a crucial role during COVID-19 to address the demand for contactless deliveries and driverless operations. Autonomous vehicle companies are sensing an opportunity, and are playing a crucial role in the fight against the pandemic - transporting medical supplies, groceries, and food in infected areas. The... read more →
Apr 27
Mar 18