Jun 28
Google Alerts Alternative

A Google Alerts Alternative for Customer & Market Intelligence

Google Alerts is a free tool that allows you to get notification emails when Google finds new results on a topic that interests you. But businesses need a tool that can monitor everything that’s going on with their customers, competitors, partners, etc.  This is where Intellizence comes to play. Intellizence... read more →
Jun 20
Intellizence Major Hiring Dataset

Intellizence Announces Launch of Major Hiring Dataset

We are excited to announce the launch of the Major Hiring Dataset. The dataset offers the latest data about companies that are announcing hiring in large numbers as part of their expansion and growth strategy. Intellizence Major Hiring dataset augments our Layoffs, Business expansion, Startup funding, and Merger & Acquisition... read more →
Jun 05
Top 7 External Data Sources for Customer, Competitive, and Market Intelligence

Top 7 External Data Sources for Customer, Competitive, and Market Intelligence

Companies have begun to realize the importance of tapping external data sources for customer intelligence, competitive intelligence, and market intelligence purposes. Intellizence, a leading AI platform that delivers timely and relevant intelligence from external data sources, identifies the top 7 external data sources listed below. News  News is the primary... read more →
Apr 25
Benefits of Market Intelligence

Top 5 Benefits of Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence Platform enables businesses to identify opportunities and risks proactively and make better business decisions.  Changes in the business ecosystem lead to emerging business opportunities and risks. Information about customers, competitors, partners, and suppliers is scattered across multiple external sources. Getting the relevant intelligence on time is often slow... read more →
Apr 07
Customer Intelligence - Intellizence

Why Sales & Customer Success Teams Need Better Customer Intelligence

Sales and Customer Success teams are looking to build and retain relationships with the customers that last and grow. Sales and Customer Success Professionals need to engage with their customers on a timely basis to identify up-selling opportunities and mitigate churn proactively.  They must have a comprehensive customer intelligence platform... read more →
Mar 24
Image about Intellizence data products available SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Intellizence Data Products Are Now Available In SAP Data Marketplace

Intellizence is excited to announce that our data products are available in Data Marketplace for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. SAP has recently launched SAP Data Marketplace to enable external data providers and 400,000 SAP customers to exchange data in clicks. SAP customers can now access Intellizence data products - thanks... read more →
Mar 16
Free Trial - Intellizence Platform and APIs

Free Trial of the Intellizence Platform is available now!

Intellizence is excited to offer a Free 15-day trial of the Intellizence Platform.    Get noise-filtered, contextual, and actionable intelligence - curated news signals and datasets. Monitor signals like M&A, C-level changes, product launches in top public & private companies. Get the latest data on M&A, startup funding, layoff, and... read more →
Dec 24
Business Expansion

Intellizence Business Expansion Dataset

At Intellizence, we continue to broaden the scope of our Datasets to deliver valuable intelligence to meet your organization's needs. The Business Expansion Dataset helps companies access business expansion insights and identify meaningful patterns, trends, risks, and opportunities to make strategic decisions on time.  A fundamental way your organization can... read more →
Dec 09
How to Setup Google Alerts to Monitor Customers and Competitors?

How to Setup Google Alerts to Monitor Customers and Competitors

Top companies must be agile enough to stay ahead in their business while reacting to changes like funding, expansions, and layoffs in customers, competitors, prospects, partners, and suppliers. Receiving actionable intelligence in a timely manner enables organizations to have the agility to make proactive business decisions and build robust strategies. ... read more →
Jun 04
What is Customer Intelligence

What is Customer Intelligence

What is Customer Intelligence? Customer Intelligence also called client intelligence or account intelligence is the process of monitoring sales and risk signals in customer accounts or clients to: Discover new business or revenue opportunities Identify risks to prevent churn or losing customers Build an effective and deeper customer relationship  ... read more →
Mar 30
Market Intelligence

What is Market Intelligence?

Market Intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing information about the company’s business ecosystem to gain deeper insights for tactical and strategic decision making. The ecosystem includes customers, competitors, prospects, partners, suppliers, regulators, and industries. Why is Market Intelligence Important for Businesses or Companies?  The business environment is evolving... read more →
May 21

Will COVID-19 Accelerate the Adoption of Autonomous Vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles are playing a crucial role during COVID-19 to address the demand for contactless deliveries and driverless operations. Autonomous vehicle companies are sensing an opportunity, and are playing a crucial role in the fight against the pandemic - transporting medical supplies, groceries, and food in infected areas. The areas... read more →
Apr 27
Mar 18