Case Study

A Leading Commercial Finance Company Gets Actionable Sales Intelligence From Intellizence

About the Customer

The customer is a leading commercial lending company in the US.

The Challenge

The customer’s prospects are mid and large companies interested in commercial financing. Events like funding, acquisition, business expansion, leadership changes, and credit rating changes are key sales signals in their prospects that could trigger new financing opportunities. The customer’s sales team was interested in efficiently and timely identifying sales signals in 50,000+ target customers.

Before Intellizence, the customers had a dedicated team member to browse through multiple news sources for relevant news events related to their target companies. They created a manual task in Salesforce CRM for the sales team to act on. Also, they manually searched the web and enriched their contact database with companies that are acquiring/acquired, expanding, received funding, and changed leadership.

This manual process was inefficient and not scalable, resulting in missed revenue opportunities for the sales team. The sales team also used the news scoop feature of their contact data provider, but the data was too much noise.

Intellizence Solution

The customer chose Intellizence to get timely sales signals about their target customers, curated from various news sources. The signals are delivered in near real-time to the right accounts and sales teams within their Salesforce CRM. Intellizence Salesforce CRM App has a powerful feature that creates automated tasks for each salesperson based on the sales signals for their target accounts to act on. 

The marketing team benefits from the Intellizence Datasets to enrich their database with the companies that announced funding, acquisitions, expansions, and leadership changes.


  • Identified Sales Opportunities Proactively: With Intellizence, salespeople get real-time sales intelligence, enabling them to engage with their prospects on time.
  • Increased Productivity: The sales team gets relevant sales signals within their Salesforce CRM without effort – freeing up their time to spend with customers instead of researching for information.

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