Case Study

A Top Management Consulting Firm Builds A Forecasting Model with Intellizence CXO Changes Dataset

About the Customer

The customer is a top global management consulting firm. Intellizence is one of their global data partners.

The Challenge

A team of management consultants and data scientists in a top management consulting firm was tasked with building forecasting models on advertisement spend by top advertisers.  They already have data on advertising spend by top advertisers on social media like Facebook and Twitter. 

The team was interested in sourcing the data on appointments & changes of key CXOs like Chief Executive Officers ( CEO), Chief Marketing Officers ( CMO), and Chief Financial Officers ( CFO) in top advertising organizations. They hypothesized that new appointments/changes in CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs in organizations may impact advertisement spending as the strategy changes with new executives. However, curating this data by the project team is tedious and time-consuming. They cannot afford to spare a dedicated resources for this activity. 

Intellizence Solution

The customer opted for a trial after learning about our recently launched Intellizence CXO Appointments & Changes dataset. On further evaluation, they subscribed to the dataset, wherein they could access the CXO Appointments & Changes data of the top advertisers and roles they were interested in through Intellizence API and CSV. The customer was interested in the historical data, which Intellizence was able to source in a quick turnaround.


Faster Project Turn Around: The first-of-its-kind Intellizence CXO Appointments & Changes dataset helped the customer team to focus on model building rather than data curation. This enabled them to complete the project within the scheduled time.

Save Time & Money: The readily available Intellizence subscription saved time for high-value management consultants and the cost of manually curating the data.


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