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How Chargebee’s Customer Success and Revenue Operations Teams Identify Opportunities and Risks with Timely Customer Intelligence


Chargebee is a SaaS Unicorn that builds subscription and billing software. They power some of the fastest-growing SaaS and subscription-based companies in the world. Chargebee helps SaaS and SaaS-like businesses streamline Revenue Operations.


With thousands of growing customers worldwide, Chargebee’s Customer Success and Revenue Operation teams faced problems in getting timely customer intelligence.

Customer Success Team

Over 15 Chargebee Customer Success Managers (CSMs) oversee the activities of different customers, with varying needs, located in multiple geographies and timezones. Chargebee’s problem was that their intelligence-gathering process for their CSMs was becoming labor-intensive, and CSMs were unable to engage with their customers on time, leading to missed opportunities.

Revenue Operations Team

Chargebee’s Revenue Operations lacked intelligence about critical events in Chargebee’s customers that would impact Chargebee’s revenue and growth. The Revenue Operations team needed to enhance their strategies and decision-making by enriching their insights with intelligence from external sources.


Chargebee partnered with Intellizence to enable their Customer Success Managers and Revenue Operations teams with high-quality customer intelligence signals in a highly curated and personalized way. Key signals include Merger & Acquisition, Funding, Layoff, IPO, and C-Level Changes.

Highly personalized signals:

  • Each Customer Success team member receives personalized daily alerts about signals in their assigned customers/accounts through multiple existing communication tools – email and Slack.

Near real-time delivery:

  • Push-based alerts are delivered to ensure Customer Success Managers receive near real-time intelligence about customers located in different time zones – North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Cognitive search:

  • Through Intellizence’s Web Platform, Chargebee’s Revenue Operations team can easily search and discover trends (funding deals) about their customers in a particular sector (finance services) or specific geography (Asia-pacific).

Administration & Integration:

  • Intellizence administration functionality is integrated with Chargebee’s Revenue Operations internal application through the Intellizence APIs. Routine operations like adding/removing customers, activating/deactivating users, and customizing relevant signals are managed automatically without any manual intervention.


Real-Time Personalized Customer Intelligence

  • Intellizence delivers near-real-time customer intelligence about Chargebee’s customers, so they can proactively identify opportunities and risks.

Strategic Insights

  • Intellizence offers insights from external sources to deliver a 360 customer view across thousands of customers.

Saves Time and Effort

  • Intellizence enables Chargebee’s teams to spend time and effort on their core activities.


Software as a Service (SaaS), Subscription and billing software


Intellizence Platform (Web, Slack, Email Alert, and API)


Customer Intelligence, Sales Intelligence, Risk Intelligence

“As we set up the Customer Success team at Chargebee in late 2018, our biggest priority was retention and one of the most important factors to determine high-risk customers was information on their growth, funding, CXO exits, M&As, etc. which could all potentially impact their engagement with Chargebee.

We were using Google alerts and it was quite cumbersome to do it for a high volume of customers which is when we heard of Intellizence. We could give Intellizence our entire list of customers and they could notify us with real-time news alerts through slack which is extremely convenient. Our entire CS team and leadership are part of this slack channel and we are able to tag the right resources to take action accordingly. For example, if we hear of customers’ funding news or launching new product lines, that is a signal for growth that gets baked into our expansion playbook, and if we hear of CXO exits or M&A news, which signals risk and hence, gets baked into our retention playbook.

We have also been able to create moments of customer delight based on real-time news alerts by surprising them with timely gifts or co-marketing opportunities. I’ll recommend Intellizence to be part of the technology stack for all CS teams.”

Arundhati Balachandran, Global VP, Customer Success

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