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How Gainsight Became A Pioneer In Launching Customer Intelligence, Powered By Intellizence

About Gainsight

Gainsight is a leading Customer Success Management platform. The platform offers a robust set of solutions focused on customer success, product experience, revenue optimization, and customer data that enable businesses to put the customer at the center of everything they do.

The Challenge

Gainsight saw an opportunity to enhance the Gainsight Platform with customer intelligence from external sources. Gainsight sought a customer intelligence data partner that could provide noise-free and curated customer intelligence on business events, such as Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As), funding, layoff, business expansion, C-level changes, and product launches.  So Gainsight Platform users could:

Increase Engagement

  • Increase engagement between Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and their customers 

Identify Risks & Opportunities

  • Proactively identify opportunities and risks and positively impact Net Retention Rate (NRR)

Intellizence Solution

Gainsight launched a new feature called Company Intelligence to address the opportunity, with Intellizence as their data partner. Gainsight offers this add-on feature to users interested in getting curated intelligence about their customers from external sources, powered by Intellizence Company News Signals API. Gainsight partnered with Intellizence to launch Company Intelligence because Intellizence brought:

  • Knowledge about the customer success domain to co-innovate with Gainsight’s product team
  • Enterprise-grade integrated solution to meet the high standards expected from Gainsight customers
  • A technology platform that leverages Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies to deliver high-quality signals at a scale
  • Robust APIs and data-feeds for seamless integration


Differentiation As An Innovation Leader

  • Gainsight is the first Customer Success Management platform to offer its customers a comprehensive 360 view of their customers by augmenting insights from internal sources with intelligence from external data sources, through their partnership with Intellizence. 

Accelerated Time to Market

  • Intellizence accelerates Gainsights processes by managing the launch and upkeep of the Company Intelligence feature, including data aggregation, noise filtering, classification, and de-duplication.
  • Intellizence APIs allow Gainsight product teams to focus their engineering effort on core activities, such as the user experience, instead of complex data curation activities. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Gainsight customers are poised to retain their customers because they receive timely, actionable signals that help them proactively identify opportunities and risks.
  • Increase platform engagement from Gainsight Platform users.


Software as a Service (SaaS), Customer Success Management, Product Experience, Revenue Optimization

Intellizence Products

Company News Signals API

Use Cases

Customer Intelligence, Sales Intelligence, Risk Intelligence

“We started working with Intellizence as an ISV Partner because we wanted to get relevant information about our customers that our Customer Success Managers cared about. We ran a pilot and it received excellent feedback, all the way from CEOs to salespeople to the CSMs, that we were getting relevant news but without the noise.

Our core capability, Company Intelligence, is powered by Intellizence. One of the reasons we work with Intellizence is because our users can receive the companies and signals they care about, and they can also receive it in the channel that makes the most sense for them. We expanded to make sure that we can offer this intelligence more broadly, so we have a view that’s called your Customer 360. Anybody that’s going to meet with a customer can get visibility into some of these key events, like M&As that are going on, via Intellizenc signals.”



Denise Stokowski , Group VP – Platform Products

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