Case Study

Intellizence Powers Leading Sales Intelligence Platform with Startup Funding Data

About the Customer

The customer is a startup unicorn that offers a sales intelligence platform. The customer provides contact, company, and intent data to B2B sales, marketing, RevOps professionals, and recruiters. 

The Challenge

The customer wanted to enrich their sales intelligence platform with the latest funding data to augment their existing data points. However, building data engineering for this data required additional effort, time, and money. Also, this required ongoing data curation efforts. Hence, they were looking for a reliable Data as a Service, wherein they could source the funding data on time.

Intellizence Solution

After evaluating multiple funding data providers, the customer chose Intellizence as their preferred data partner for Startup Funding Dataset. Through Intellizence API, the customer enriched their platform with the latest Funding deals data.


Increased Productivity

  • The ease of Intellizence API enabled the customers’ data engineering team to build the integration quickly and freed up their bandwidth to focus on the core product development. 

Shortened Time to Market

  • The seamless integration of Intellizence allowed the customer to introduce the new data features swiftly in weeks instead of months. 

Increased Customer Engagement:

  • By incorporating Intellizence’s premium funding data, the platform enriched its data suite, setting it apart from competitors.


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