Case Study

Intellizence Powers a Fortune 500 Company with External Market Signals

Telecommunication Intellizence case study

About the Customer

The customer is a US-based Fortune 500 company operating in the telecommunications and technology industries.

The Challenge

The customer team is responsible for building applications and advanced analytics models to predict customer behavior and optimize sales and marketing investment. They use various internal and external data to power those analytics models. Given the current macroeconomic condition, they wanted to supplement their models with events in their customers like layoffs, C-level changes, hiring, and data & security breaches. Such events are triggers for impacting the revenue from their customers and increasing churn risks. 

However, curating the data is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. The customer sought a reliable Data as a Service (DaaS)  partner who could consistently deliver external market signals.

Intellizence Solution

After a thorough evaluation, the customer chose Intellizence as a preferred data partner for external market signals. The customer subscribed to the Intellizence Datasets – Layoff, CXO Changes, Major Hiring, and Data and Security Breaches.  

They receive real-time signals via Intellizence API to power their analytics models with external market signals, improving their forecasting accuracy.


  • Better Forecasting with External Market Signals: The customer enhanced the forecasting models by supplementing the internal data with external market signals.
  • Real-time External Market Signals: The customer accessed the external signals in real time with Intellizence API integration.
  • Increased Productivity: Enabled the customer team to focus on model building rather than data curation, saving hours spent by high-value data science teams. This results in 100% improved efficiency and productivity in data curation.


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Intellizence Products

Layoff Dataset, CXO Changes Dataset,  Major Hiring Dataset, Data & Security Breaches Dataset

Use Cases

Forecasting, Data Enrichment

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