Case Study 

Intellizence Powers a Leading Competitive Intelligence Platform with Latest News Signals

About the Customer

A global firm offering enterprise customers market and competitive intelligence products and solutions.

The Challenge

One of the customers’ products is an award-winning solution that offers Competitive Intelligence to their customers. The customer’s platform curates information from different data sources. News is one of the primary sources of information for the platform. 

The customer engaged its highly paid human analyst to curate company news from multiple sources. But the process was time-consuming, tedious, not scalable, and expensive.

Intellizence Solution

The customer chose Intellizence as a preferred news signals partner based on the quality of the signals and comprehensiveness. The Intellizence Company News Signals API powered the customer’s Market & Competitive Intelligence platform with highly curated news about the target companies, monitored by the platform’s users.


  • Reduced Cost of Operation:

The API integration enabled the customer to allow their human analyst to focus on high-value activities like analysis rather than human curation –  reduced the cost of operation and increased   the operating margin. 

  • Increased Platform Engagement:

The near real-time automated delivery of news increased the platform engagement of their users. 

  • Ease of Integration:

The API allowed the customer to configure different sets of companies and triggers for each platform user and customer. The API offered flexibility to modify companies as and when required without human intervention.


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