About Intellizence

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Intellizence is an award-winning AI-powered business signal intelligence platform for enterprises to monitor sales and risk signals in companies, industry trends and regulatory changes. Powered by AI, Intellizence is pioneering ‘business signal intelligence’ space by discovering hundreds of sales, growth and risk signals in companies from unstructured comprehensive data sources and delivering intelligent data in structured format for various applications.

Intellizence is founded by a team of diverse and accomplished professionals with decades of cross-functional experience – from writing software to control atomic reactors, leading Canadian naval testing lab, designing electronics for fighter aircrafts, building and managing multi-million dollar customer engagements to being the finance controller for a thermal power plant.

Intellizence benefits diverse professionals to discover new sales opportunities, identify risks proactively, monitor industry trends, track regulatory changes and engage clients effectively. Intellizence customers ranges from global financial services firms to fast growing Silicon Valley based technology platforms.

Intellizence is Head Quartered in Toronto, Canada.