COVID-19 Intelligence (New)

Our thoughts and prayers are with those people that are impacted by the COVID-19

An AI-powered Technology Platform for COVID-19 Intelligence

Survive, Sustain and Stay Ahead in your business

Monitor customers, competitors, partners and suppliers’ rapidly evolving strategies
Stay updated on business, economic & regulatory impact and economy re-opening status
Insights about companies working on COVID-19 diagnostics, prevention and treatment


Is your business disrupted by Coronavirus (COVID-19) ?

  • How to stay informed about your customers, competitors, suppliers and partners’ response to the rapidly evolving situation and their evolving strategies ?
  • Where to find companies and potential partners working on COVID-19 products and solutions? (e.g. ventilators, testing, drugs, vaccines, respirators)
  • How to stay updated about the business, economic and regulatory impact due to COVID-19 ?
  • Is your risk elevated, making your business vulnerable?
  • Are you overloaded with information, leading to analysis – paralysis?
  • Are you delaying decisions due to lack of timely relevant information?
  • Does it take a lot of manual effort to source and identify relevant signals from the noise?

Let Intellizence help you to
Combat the business impact of COVID-19 and
Transform your business in the new era


  • Monitor signals in customers, competitors, partners and suppliers(e.g. downsizing, bankruptcy, cost-cutting)
  • Stay updated about coronavirus (COVID-19) business impact, government financial relief and regulatory changes
  • Data and insights about COVID-19 diagnostics, prevention and treatment related products and solutions (e.g.vaccine clinical trials, regulatory approvals, emerging technologies)
  • Delivery channels
    • Daily & Weekly Alert ( Email, Slack, CRM)
    • Web Application/Dashboard
    • API


What do our customers say?

``Through Intellizence's AI systems, we were able to gather additional data about ventilators, personal protective equipment and other COVID-19 critical supply chains. With their help, Communitech has been able to more easily and effectively monitor real-time economic insights for the tech community, while also finding ways for entrepreneurs to support local health care needs.``- Mauro Rossi, PhD PEng Director, Advanced Technology Platforms Communitech
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