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Recent CFO Appointments & Changes in Top Technology Companies

HUB Cyber Security (HUBC) Appoints Kobi Levi as CFO

Headquarters:  Houston, Texas, United States

Announced: November 2023

HUB Cyber Security Ltd, a Confidential Computing cybersecurity solutions and services developer, has appointed Kobi Levi, a finance executive with over 20 years of experience in global businesses, as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Bluesky Digital Assets Corp. appoints new CFO

Headquarters:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Announced: November 2023

Bluesky Digital Assets Corp. has appointed Mr. Remantra Sheopaul as CFO.

OpenSea – Introducing Brian Roberts, our new CFO

Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States

Announced: November 2023

Brian Roberts has joined OpenSea as its first CFO. OpenSea and the NFT space have both experienced explosive growth this year.

Revolut promotes Victor Stinga as interim CFO

Headquarters: London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Announced: November 2023

Revolut, the UK’s largest fintech company, has promoted Victor Stinga as its interim chief financial officer.  Stinga took up the role in May after the high-profile departure of Mikko Salovaara, who resigned from the company.

DHI Group Appoints Raime Leeby CFO

Headquarters:  New York City, New York, United States

Announced: November 2023

DHI Group, a provider of AI-powered career marketplaces, announced on Monday that it has appointed Raime Leeby as chief financial officer. Leeby succeeds Kevin Bostick, who resigned to explore external opportunities.


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