Add Companies

Intellizence uses the Website Domain as a unique identifier to identify the right Company.


This is a guideline to add companies, for which news signal is required, in the Intellizence platform.

Intellizence uses the Company Website Domain as a unique identifier to link news for a Company in the Intellizence Platform and for the same Company in the receiving end.

Fully Qualified Domain Name

The website of the company should be given as a fully qualified domain name.   www.CompanyName.<Top  Level Domain>



Right Website

The Website name has to be an exact match as there are multiple companies with similar names in the same industry.


  • Fidelity Bank ( Multiple Banks across the world with the same name)


Whether the news is released at the Parent Company level and/or at the Subsidiary or Child company level, our recommendation is to track the subsidiaries as separate companies.


  • Amazon
    • Amazon (
    • Amazon Canada (
    • Amazon India (
    • AWS (
  • Alphabet, Inc
    • Alphabet (
    • Google (

For subsidiary or group companies with the same Domain but a different website URL, the proper URL of the subsidiary or group or child company to be given.

  • Boeing ( www.boeing)
  • Boeing Horizon X (


Intellizence monitors news at the Company level, not at the Product or Brand level. Provide only Company Names and their Website Domain, not Brands or Products Names, and their Website Domain.


  • Gmail, Google Cloud, Youtube are Google products ( Intellizence tracks only Google, not the Products.

Brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue, D&G are brands owned by Luxottica. Provide Luxottica ( for tracking, not Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue, and D&G.

Multiple Website Domains

For companies that have multiple Website Domains, provide only the Corporate Website Domain name.


  • BBC ( not (


Intellizence monitors the news at the Company level, not at the Branch or Store level. While the Branch/Store may be a different legal entity, enter only Company Names and their Website Domain, not Store or Branch details.


  • Town Sports International, LLC,
    • TSI Astoria, LLC
    • TSI Broadway, LLC

Provide the Company Name – Town Sports International ( not the Store/Branch Names and their Website Domains.