Feb 18

Leading Companies working on Autonomous Vehicles

February 10, 2020 Driverless cars are navigating the public roads for trials in many cities across the globe. There is a huge shift towards mobility with the emergence of connected and autonomous vehicles and ride-sharing. New autonomous vehicles are emerging, from small autonomous pods to highly customized self-driving cars that... read more →
Feb 11

Coronavirus Impact on Businesses

(2 min read) The recent outbreak of Coronavirus has a significant global impact. Intellizence monitors over a hundred business signals in thousands of companies every day, from a variety of unstructured sources (e.g. news, press releases, regulatory filings), and delivers insights for revenue generation and risk mitigation. We highlight a... read more →
Jan 31

What is an Autonomous Vehicle?

The automobile industry is evolving at a fast pace with autonomous vehicles technology developing quickly. As early as 2021-22, we will have autonomous vehicles navigating the public roads. Let's look at what are autonomous vehicles and what will they mean for us? An Autonomous Vehicle (AV), also known as the... read more →
Jan 27