Product Launch

Nov 11
Oct 27
Oct 20

Google Cloud Launches Lending DocAI, Its First Dedicated Mortgage Industry Tool

Google Cloud has launched Lending DocAI, a tool that will automate the mortgage document processing. The tool will help mortgage companies speed up the process of evaluating a borrower’s income and asset documents, using specialized machine learning models to automate routine document reviews. Lending DocAI provides industry-leading data accuracy for... read more →
Oct 15
Oct 14
Oct 07
Sep 18

Accenture creates Cloud First Unit, Invests $3 Billion to Speed up Enterprise Cloud Migrations

Accenture has launched Accenture Cloud First to help clients across all industries rapidly accelerate their digital transformation and become “cloud first” businesses. With the $3 billion investment, Accenture will provide its customers with cloud-focused upskilling over the next three years. The launch is timed well to meet the demand for... read more →
Sep 16
Sep 11
Sep 01