Contextually Relevant, Noise-free, Personalized, and Timely News Alerts

Just Signals, No Noise

Receive noise-free personalized Intellizence news alerts about your interested companies (e.g. customers, competitors, prospects, partners, suppliers), industry trends and regulatory changes in a timely manner.

Harness the Power of Intellizence’s AI Platform

Never miss out on major announcements about your customers or product launches by your competitors or fundraising by your prospects or new regulations that would impact your industry.

Intellizence’s proprietary curation platform, powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning/Deep Learning, discovers and analyzes news from thousands of publishers, filters out all the noise and delivers relevant signals based on your preferences.


The Intellizence Alerts are contextually relevant not just text matches. Say, if you are interested in Merger & Acquisition news for Company A, the news need not have the words ‘merger’ or ‘acquisition in the newsfeed. News can be like ‘Company A buys Company B’ or ‘Company A combines with Company B’. Intellizence platform identifies the relevant news based on context just as humans do.


Are you overwhelmed with too many alerts that are not relevant? The Intellizence Alerts are noise-free. If you are interested in the companies ‘Square Inc’ and ‘Fairfax Corporation’, Intellizence delivers alerts related to them, not any news that has word Square or Fairfax (e.g. Fairfax County).


Intellizence Alerts are personalized at the user level. Each user can personalize the Companies, Triggers, and Topics to be tracked based on his/her role and interest. If you are a Relationship Manager in a corporate banking division, you can monitor all growth and sales signals about your customers (e.g. business expansion, fundraising) and if you are a Risk Management professional, you will receive risk signals that you want to track (e.g. Downsizing, Product Recalls) about the same group of customers. Intellizence offers over one hundred Triggers to personalize.

Intelligence Alert Final


Never miss any signal. Intellizence proprietary AI platform monitors relevant news from comprehensive sources such as company websites, news, blogs, press releases, investor relations, and regulatory filings.


You get Intellizence Alerts delivered within twenty-four hours of an event surfacing in the public domain. The frequency of alert and timing can be customized.

Receive Alerts Anywhere, Anytime 

Intellizence Alerts can be delivered or integrated with the channel of your choice – Email, Slack, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Success Management (CSM), Account Based Marketing (ABM), etc.

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