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Top Healthcare Layoffs in Hospital and Health SystemApril 2024

June 2024

Company:  Equitas Health

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio, United States

Number of People: 13

Equitas Health is laying off dozens of staff as part of a company-wide restructuring after the LGBTQ+ health provider’s new CEO took over. Equitas Health’s Workers’ United ratified its first union contract with the health provider.

 June 2024

Company:  Evernorth

Headquarters:  Saint Louis, Missouri, United States

Number of People: 261

According to an Arizona WARN notice filed, Cigna’s Evernorth Care Group plans to cut 261 employees from specialty services and consolidate certain Arizona care locations in the next few months. Employees affected by the layoffs will be provided a severance package, including transitional services.

May 2024

Company: Highmark Health

Headquarters:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Number of People: 182

Highmark Health laid off 182 employees, including 59 workers in western Pennsylvania. The majority of the positions are at Highmark Inc. The Pittsburgh-based organization has undergone a top-to-bottom review of its operations as the healthcare industry changes, eliminating some positions while growing others.

May 2024

Company:  Highmark Health

Headquarters:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Number of People: 95

Highmark Health said 95 positions were cut from enGen, including 41 in western Pennsylvania, primarily the Pittsburgh region and Erie. Two Highmark Health positions were also cut, as well as one in the corporate offices of Allegheny Health Network, the health provider network owned by Highmark Health.

May 2024

Company:  Lyra Therapeutics

Headquarters: Watertown, Massachusetts, United States

Number of People:  

Lyra Therapeutics is advancing its goal to preserve capital by implementing a layoff of approximately 75% of its workforce and other cost-cutting measures. Lyra Therapeutics will focus on the two ongoing ENLIGHTEN Phase 3 trials evaluating LYR-210, a bioabsorbable sinonasal implant for treating chronic rhinosinusitis.

What are the Benefits of Utilizing Healthcare Layoff Data?

Investment & Trading

Make informed decisions about buying, selling, or avoiding healthcare services stocks based on the implications of job cuts for such companies’ profitability and market position. 

Forecast Revenue

Layoffs typically result in changes in decision-making and budgets. Power your revenue forecasting models with the latest layoff data about healthcare services customers and prospects to predict revenue from them.

Identify Churn Risks: 

Layoffs in healthcare are signals for downgrades and decreased usage and consumption of products and services. Identify customers’ churn signals proactively. 

Employment Trends:

By tracking layoffs over time, companies can identify trends in the labor market. This information can be used to predict future layoffs and develop strategies to mitigate their impact. 

Hiring/ Recruitment:

Recruiters and employers can identify and tap into a pool of highly skilled and experienced top talent who are now available and looking for new opportunities.  This targeted approach can be especially effective for companies with unique hiring needs.

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Intellizence monitors thousands of sources in real-time for any latest layoff announcements from various unstructured external sources and delivers layoff data in a structured format.

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Intellizence curates the data from news, press wires, and WARN notices to ensure comprehensive coverage. The intellizence healthcare layoff dataset covers data from healthcare services and all other emerging and established industries.

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The layoff news is delivered through multiple channels – Web Platform, Email Alerts, Slack, CRM, and ChatGPT Plugin. We offer API to power your applications and models with real-time layoff news and data.

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