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Recent Largest Media & Entertainment Layoffs – 2024

February 2024

Company: Audacy

Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States

Number of People:  25% of workforce

Audacy, a radio broadcaster reorganizing in US bankruptcy court, plans to cut off about 25 percent of positions in its Pineapple Street podcast division.

February 2024

Company: Warner Music Group

Headquarters:  New York City, New York, United States

Number of People:  600

Global music entertainment company Warner Music Group has announced job cuts. The company is set to lay off 10 per cent of its workforce, or about 600 employees, in order to free up more money for music investment across the next decade.

February 2024

Company: SiriusXM

Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States

Number of People:  160

SiriusXM has announced a round of layoffs affecting 160 employees, or 3% of its total workforce. CEO Jennifer Witz wrote, “We made significant progress on the transformation of our business in 2023, but we have just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible here at SiriusXM.”

January 2024

Company: Twitch.TV

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Number of People:  500

Twitch has confirmed plans to axe over 500 staff members. In a blog post, CEO Dan Clancy said “we still have work to do to rightsize our company”, before confirming just over 500 people will be let go.

January 2024

Company: Amazon Prime

Headquarters:  Beverly Hills, California, United States

Number of People: ND

Amazon is cutting hundreds of jobs from its Prime Video and Amazon MGM Studios division. Division leader Mike Hopkins announced the layoffs, impacting a small percentage of the division’s employees.

What are the Benefits of Utilizing the Media & Entertainment Layoff Data?

Investment & Trading:

Make informed decisions about buying, selling, or avoiding media & entertainment stocks based on the implications of job cuts for such companies’ profitability and market position.     

Revenue Forecasting:

Layoffs typically result in changes in decision-making and budgets. Power your revenue forecasting models with the latest layoff data about your media & entertainment customers and prospects to predict revenue from them.

Identify Churn Risks:

Layoffs in media & entertainment customers are signals for downgrades and decreased usage and consumption of products and services. Identify customers’ churn signals proactively.

Market Research & Intelligence:

Use the latest layoff data in media & entertainment companies to identify employment trends in the sector for market research and market intelligence activities.

Hiring/ Recruitment:

Hire highly skilled talent from media & entertainment companies that announced layoffs. This targeted approach can be especially effective for companies with unique hiring needs.

Why Subscribe to Intellizence Media & Entertainment Layoff Dataset?

AI-Powered Platform:

The Intellizence company intelligence platform is powered by cutting-edge Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies that curate layoff data from multiple external sources. Every record is human-audited for data integrity.

Delivered in Near Real-time

Intellizence monitors thousands of sources in real-time for any latest layoff announcements from various unstructured external sources and delivers layoff data in a structured format.

Comprehensive Coverage

Intellizence curates the data from news, press wires, and WARN notices to ensure comprehensive coverage. The intellizence layoff dataset covers data from media & entertainment and all other emerging and established industries.

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The layoff news is delivered through multiple channels – Web Platform, Email Alerts, Slack, CRM, and ChatGPT Plugin. We offer API to power your applications and models with real-time layoff news and data. 

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