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Latest Largest Banking & Financial Services Layoffs -2024

January 2024

Company: CitiGroup

Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States

Number of People: 20,000

Citigroup plans to lay off 20,000 jobs by the end of 2026, the bank’s most dramatic restructuring plan in decades. The cuts will trim about 10% of its headcount, which totaled 200,000 in December. This excludes the staff employed by a Mexico business being spun off.

January 2024

Company: Arizent

Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States

Number of People:  ND

Arizent, the parent company of American Banker and The Bond Buyer, has decided to eliminate a small number of positions across the business. The cuts will impact the editorial staffers.

January 2024

Company: One Zero

Headquarters:  undefined, Tel Aviv, Israel

Number of People: 10% of Workforce  

Digital bank One Zero is cutting 10% of its workforce in Israel as it prepares to expand to Europe.

January 2024

Company: Trigo

Headquarters:  Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

Number of People:  15% of Workforce

The computer vision company that develops infrastructure for autonomous retail stores and retail analytics is cutting 30 jobs or 15% of its workforce.

January 2024

Company: Blackrock

Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States

Number of People:  600

BlackRock plans to lay off 600 employees – about 3 percent of the global workforce.

How can you benefit from the Banking & Financial Services Layoff Dataset?

Investment & Trading:

Make informed decisions about buying, selling, or avoiding banking and financial services stocks based on the implications of job cuts for such companies’ profitability and market position.     

Revenue Forecasting:

Layoffs typically result in changes in decision-making and budgets. Power your revenue forecasting models with the latest layoff data about your banking and financial services customers and prospects to predict revenue from them.

Identify Churn Risks:

Layoffs in banking and financials customers are signals for downgrades and decreased usage and consumption of products and services. Identify customers’ churn signals proactively.

Market Research & Intelligence:

Use the latest layoff data in banking and financial services companies to identify employment trends in the sector for market research and market intelligence activities.

Hiring/ Recruitment:

Hire talent from banking, financial services, and fintech companies that announced layoffs. 

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AI-Powered Platform:

The Intellizence company intelligence platform is powered by cutting-edge Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies that curate layoff data from multiple external sources. To ensure high-quality signals, every record is human-audited for data integrity.

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Intellizence monitors thousands of sources in real-time for any latest layoff announcements from various unstructured external sources and delivers layoff data in a structured format.

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Intellizence curates the data from news, press wires, and WARN notices to ensure comprehensive coverage. The intellizence layoff dataset covers data from Banking & Financial Services and all other emerging and established industries.

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The layoff news is delivered through multiple channels – Web Platform, Email Alerts, Slack, CRM, and ChatGPT Plugin. We offer API to power your applications and models with real-time layoff news and data. 

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In addition to Layoff News & Data, Intellizence offers curated news on 80+ company signals and structured datasets – Startup Funding, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Expansion, Major Hiring, CXO Appointments & Changes, and Data & Security Breaches.

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