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Recent Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Deals Data in Banking & Financial Services Industry 

Brookfield to acquire Cyxtera data centers

Deal Size: $775 Million

Announced Date:  November 2023

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners is set to acquire Cyxtera, a colocation company that previously filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, for $775 million.

Dakota Wealth Management acquires JMG Wealth Management Group

Deal Size: $300 Million

Announced Date: November 2023

Dakota Wealth Management, an independent investment management firm, has agreed to acquire JMG Wealth Management Group, an independent advisory firm affiliated with Raymond James, which manages approximately $300 million.

Mercer Advisors acquires Singh Advisory

Deal Size:  ND

Announced Date: November 2023

Mercer Global Advisors, a national Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), has acquired Singh Advisory, a comprehensive wealth management firm.

Pioneer Point Partners to acquire Esken Renewables 

Deal Size: £108 Million

Announced Date: November 2023

Sustainable infrastructure investment firm Pioneer Point Partners’ Pioneer Infrastructure Partners fund has acquired Esken Renewables, a UK-based sustainable waste-derived biomass fuel supplier, for £108 million.

Ardian acquires $2.1 Billion private equity portfolio from CPP Investments

Deal Size: $2.1 Billion

Announced Date: November 2023

Ardian, a world-leading private investment house, has acquired a $2.1 billion portfolio of limited partnership interests in 20 private equity funds from Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments), a global investment management organization with C$575 billion of assets under management.

How Can You Benefit from Intellizence Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Dataset?

Identify Prospective Customers:

Intellizence M&A dataset provides valuable insights into banking & financial services companies that have recently undergone Mergers & Acquisitions. This information allows sales teams to identify potential customers in the banking & financial services who may need new products or services, are experiencing organizational changes, or are looking to expand their operations. 

Expand Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities:

Intellizence M&A dataset enables sales, account management, and customer success teams to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities within their existing customer base in banking & financial services. By analyzing the acquisitions or divestment of their customers,  they can uncover areas where additional products or services may be required and ultimately drive increased revenue from existing accounts.

Investment and Trading:

The Intellizence M&A dataset serves as a goldmine for investors and financial analysts. By analyzing historical M&A transactions in banking & financial services, investment teams can identify trends and industry dynamics, assess market sentiment, and make better investment strategies.  

Corporate Development and Strategy:

By analyzing the Intellizence M&A dataset, corporate development and strategy professionals can better understand consolidation, emerging market trends, and competitive dynamics in banking & financial services companies. This knowledge helps evaluate market gaps, identify strategic alliances, and devise plans to expand market share and diversify offerings.

Competitive Intelligence:

Intellizence M&A dataset offers timely intelligence about corporate mergers & acquisitions, divestments, and spinoffs in banking & financial services. By tracking these events, sales and competitive intelligence teams can gain insights into their competitors’ strategies, identify potential vulnerabilities, and differentiate themselves in the market. 

Why Subscribe to Intellizence Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) Dataset?

AI-Powered Platform:

The Intellizence company intelligence platform is powered by cutting-edge Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies that curate M&A data from multiple external sources. Every record is human-audited for data integrity.

Delivered in Near Real-time:

Intellizence monitors thousands of sources in real-time for any latest M&A announcements from various unstructured external sources and delivers merger & acquisition data in a structured format.

Comprehensive Coverage:

Intellizence curates the data from news sources, including <industry name> focused news sites, press wires, and regulatory filings to ensure comprehensive coverage. The intellizence M&A dataset covers data from banking & financial services and all other emerging and established industries.

Multiple Delivery Channels

The M&A news is delivered through multiple channels – Web Platform, Email Alerts, Slack, CRM, and ChatGPT Plugin. We offer API to power your applications and models with real-time merger & acquisition news and data. 

One-Stop Data Provider for Company Signals:

In addition to Merger & Acquisition News & Data, Intellizence offers curated news on 80+ company signals and structured datasets – Startup Funding, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Expansion, Major Hiring, CXO Appointments & Changes, and Data & Security Breaches.

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