Automate Newsletter Curation and Delivery

Stay Informed about Trends in your Business Ecosystem 

As a business or an industry association, it is important to share strategic insights, customer and competitor moves, industry trends and regulatory changes with stakeholders in a timely manner. 

Delivering timely newsletter is key to faster decision-making. But curating a newsletter can be a time-consuming job – collating news from multiple sources, and delivering it on time requires dedicated and consistent effort. 

Drive Newsletter Engagement with Intellizence

Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Intellizence automates the newsletter activity seamlessly. Intellizence’s proprietary curation platform analyzes relevant news from thousands of publishers, filters out all noise and delivers newsletter signals based on your custom preferences.

There are multifold benefits of having an Intellizence powered automated newsletters.

100% Automated with No Human Intervention

Intellizence delivers automated newsletter, as per your requirement, with no effort at your end.

Just Signal, No Noise

Intellizence curated newsletters are customized at the user group or distribution level. 

Delivered on Time, No Holiday or Vacation

Intellizence powered newsletters are delivered consistently as scheduled.

Customized to Brand Theme

The newsletter theme can be customized based on your brand guidelines.


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