Business Expansion Dataset

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Business Expansion Dataset

Announced Date Company Name Expansion Type Investment Jobs

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data: [

“id”: “620a269c040f99079b259700”,

“announcedDate”: “24/03/2021”,

“company”: {

“id”: “IN000385”,

“name”: “Intel”,

“domain”: “”,

“industries”: [




“location”: “Santa Clara,California,United States of America”,

“ticker”: [“INTC”],

“stockExchange”: [“Nasdaq”],

“type”: “Public”


“investment”: 20000000000,

“currency”: “USD”,

“expansionType”: [



“locations”: {

“country”: “United States of America”,

“state”: “Arizona”


“jobs”: “3000”,

“url”: “”,

“title”: “Intel says it will invest $20 billion in domestic chip manufacturing”,

“lastModified”: “29/03/2021”



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