CXO Appointments & Changes Dataset API

CXO Appointments and Changes Dataset

Get the latest data on appointments, promotions, resignations, terminations, and retirements of CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, CIOs, and CISOs in leading companies.

Timely Intelligence: Identify opportunities and risks with real-time intelligence about executive changes in your customers, prospects, and portfolios.


Prediction & Forecasting: Enhance forecasting and prediction models about the impact of management changes on strategy, operations, and financial performance.


Data Enrichment: Power Generative AI models and software platforms with real-time news & data about leadership changes.

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Latest Management Appointments and Changes Data

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Web Platform, REST API, AWS Data Exchange & Snowflake

Major Hiring Dataset

Announced Date Company Name CEO Name CEO Title Reason

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JSON Response

data: [


“id”: “6285f743b5fd43422c122144”,

“announcedDate”: “31/10/2022”,

“company”: {

“id”: “IN013168”,

“name”: “Ford Motor”,

“domain”: “”,

“industries”: [



“location”: “Detroit,Michigan,United States of America”,

“ticker”: [



“stockExchange”: [



“type”: “Public”


“executiveName”: “Brian Schaaf”,

“executiveTitle”: “Chief Financial Officer, Ford Motor Credit Company”,

“reason”: “Retired”,

“executiveTitleCategory”: [

“Chief Financial Officer ( CFO) / Head of Finance”


“businessDivision”: “”,,

“url”: “–eliane-okamura-named-cfo.html#:~:text=DEARBORN%2C%20Mich.%2C%20Oct.,to%20succeed%20Schaaf%2C%20effective%20Dec.”,


“lastModified”: “08/02/2023”



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I personally check Intellizence nearly every day and am amazed by how often I find things that are relevant for our business such as customer M&A or new executive announcements that can lead to risks, new opportunities or even just an occasion to deepen our relationship.