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  • Monitor M&A signals in customers, prospects, portfolios, competitors, partners, suppliers, and more.
  • Identify M&A trends in industries and regions.

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$(document).ready(function() {


type: "GET",

data: {

"startDate": "01/01/2021",

"endDate": "03/05/2021",

"countries": "Canada",

"countries": "United States",

"Limit": "31"


dataType: "json",

async: true,

cache: false,

headers: {

"x-api-key": "SAMPLE KEY"


url: "",

crossDomain: true,

cache: false,

success: function(data) {...}

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I personally check Intellizence nearly every day and am amazed by how often I find things that are relevant for our business such as customer M&A or new executive announcements that can lead to risks, new opportunities or even just an occasion to deepen our relationship.

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