Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Deals Data API

Mergers and Acquisitions
(M&A) Dataset

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Data Enrichment: Power Generative AI models and software platforms with real-time M&A news & data.

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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Dataset

Announced Date Acquired Company Acquiring Company M&A Type M&A Status Deal Value

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JSON Response

data: [


“id”: “620a269c040f99079b259700”,

“announcedDate”: “02/08/2020”,

“acquiredCompany”: {

“id”: “IN004644”,

“name”: “Speedway”,

“domain”: “”,

“industries”: [



“location”: “Elyria,Ohio,United States of America”,

“ticker”: [],

“stockExchange”: null,

“type”: “Private”


“acquiringCompany”: {

“id”: “IN004612”,

“name”: “7-Eleven”,

“domain”: “”,

“industries”: [



         “location”: “Dallas,Texas,United States of America”,

“ticker”: [],

“stockExchange”: null,

“type”: “Private”


“dealAmount”: 21000000000,

“currency”: “USD”,

           “typeOfAcquisition”: “Acquisition – Total”,

“mnaStatus”: “Announced “,

“sellingCompanyName”: “Marathon Petroleum”,

“url”: “”,

“title”: “7-Eleven, Inc. Transforms its U.S. Store Network Through Acquisition of Speedway”,

“lastModified”: “03/08/2020”


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