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Customer Intelligence Webinar

Oct 26, 2021 12PM ET/9AM PT

Getting accurate, timely, and relevant customer intelligence is critical. Gathering all these data can be complex and require significant resources. Leveraging AI technologies, explore how Intellizence can help to identify sales and risk signals proactively to increase revenue and prevent churn.

Discover key tools and resources your company can use to effectively monitor signals in your customers. Join our 30-minute webinar with speakers from Intellizence and Gainsight.



Customer Intelligence

The importance of customer intelligence and account intelligence



Identify Opportunities & Risks

How does identifying new business opportunities and mitigating churn help leading companies succeed?



Artificial Intelligence

How do leading companies leverage AI to monitor signals at scale and receive them within their workflow


Denise Stokowski,

Group VP – Platform Products, Gainsight

Denise leads Product Management for the Gainsight PX, Product Experience, and Gainsight Platform. She manages Gainsight Platforms’ Company Intelligence features that offer actionable intelligence to their customers.

Sachi Komarasamy,

Founder & CEO, Intellizence

As a Founder & CEO Sachi has successfully led and built Intellizence from an idea to an award-winning AI startup, focussed on Company & Market Intelligence.

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